Medical Clinic

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We currently offer Urgent Care services without the long waits! 

Urgent care services without the long wait time associated with a hospital emergency room. It is not designed to be a replacement for your primary care provider or the hospital. 

Coming Soon

Urgent Care hours are coming!!
Under Construction 

Radiology and Labs 

This area is sealed and is not visible to our patients but we thought you might enjoy a behind the scenes peek! 

Lagniappe Medical Center will have many services under one roof. These independent doctors are joining together to provide excellent care with access to a variety of services.

About Us

Lagniappe will offer a comfortable state of art facility that provides comprehensive convenient roster of services at one location versus being bounced and pinged all over. We offer  primary care and will soon offer urgent care as well as diagnostics and select specialty care under one roof. Lagniappe will also support research and education of patients and serve as a resource hub for other independent physicians.

Family Medicine focuses on health and wellness as a whole for the patient. They are the “gate-keeper “of the medical files. They provide the “first contact” during an illness or medical condition. Lagniappe will offer health promotion and education, maintenance as well as diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses. Lagniappe is thrilled to have Dr. Steven Barnett as our Medical Director of Primary Care and April Scata-Penny FNP as our main provider . 

New patients are currently being accepted. Call and schedule your appointment today. You can complete your new patient package by clicking here....LMC New Patient Package.pdf  ... We look forward to seeing you soon!

To schedule an appointment, please call: (803) 419-7780.